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LikeaJob has been built from the ground up to find your perfect job match. It's simple to use and best of all it's free. To get started, you'll need to Sign up. We'll send you a verification email for security purposes and then you're on the way to finding your perfect job!

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Create a profile (it's free)

Fill out your contact details, date of birth (don’t worry we won't tell anyone how old you are) and upload a profile pic (optional). Your profile pic will only become visible to potential employers if you find a job that you LIKE.

Create your ‘mini bio’ which gives the employer a snapshot of who you are and what you can do.

View job matches

The LikeaJob search engine will shortlist jobs matched to you based on a combination of your location, experience, skills and qualifications. Check out the top ten or so and see what looks good.

Employers will also be searching for job seekers at the other end and if they LIKE you there will be a ‘You’re Liked’ banner at the top of a particular job.

Like to apply

See a job that interests you? Click the 'Like to Apply' button, and the Employer will be notified instantly.

If an Employer likes you back, you will see a ‘Mutual Like’ banner which means that there’s a good chance they'll be in touch. Be patient though, Employers may need time to review all their candidates.

Take a break and wait for the Employer to contact you. This is the "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" moment - the Employer will contact you if and when they're ready.

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