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LikeaJob has been built from the ground up to help you find the candidates who are perfectly matched to your job requirements. It's simple to use and, best of all, it's free to create as many job ads as you like. You'll only pay to unlock the contact details of the eligible candidates that you choose (see pricing). To get started, you'll need to Sign up. We'll send you a verification email for security purposes and then you're on your way to finding the perfect candidates!

  • Create your job ads
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Create a job ad (it's free)

Fill out as much detail here as you like. Remember to put in the experience required and any mandatory skills (eg. must be able to type 30 words a minute) that are specific to the position.

The suggested hourly salary is just a guide, the Job Seeker will not see this, but it will help us to find the best available matches for you.

You can create as many job ads as you like from the one account.

View matches

The LikeaJob search engine will shortlist Job Seekers matched to your job ad based on a combination of the location, experience, skills and qualifications required for the job. Check out the top ten or so matches and see who looks good.

Click on the ‘Like’ button and the Job Seeker will be notified by email, or if they're already logged into they'll be notified immediately. Made a mistake? No problem, there’s around a ten minute buffer if you wish to retract your LIKE. If you don’t get a LIKE back, they are not interested (don’t take it personally, it’s the internet) or they may have already just found a position.

If they LIKE the job back their photo will appear (if they have one) and you will see a ‘Mutual Like’ banner which means that you can unlock their contact details and peruse their resume (if they have one). You can do this by purchasing credits.


LikeaJob is completely free to use for Job Seekers. Employers can post unlimited job ads for free. Employers can use credits to unlock candidates who have applied for a job, 1 candidate costs 1 credit to unlock. To get started, Sign up.


3 credits

$16.35 per credit
  • Unlimited Job Ads
  • Free Job Ads
  • Free Sign Up
  • Instant Job Matches
Small Business

5 credits

$13 per credit
  • Unlimited Job Ads
  • Free Job Ads
  • Free Sign Up
  • Instant Job Matches

10 credits

$9.90 per credit
  • Unlimited Job Ads
  • Free Job Ads
  • Free Sign Up
  • Instant Job Matches
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